This weekend I decided to go back to Visual Studio for a bit.

I’ve wanted to make a height map –> delaunay mesh terrain tool for ages, ever since I had the pleasure of being able to use one on the game Heatseeker, for the PS2.
The terrain tech for that game, originally from Heroes of the Pacific, was awesome. The detail in the terrain meshes was fantastic and limited only by my, erm, limited terrain art abilities 🙂 That, and 6 mb mesh data…

Anyway, the technique is older than I am, and is awesome, and easy to build, so here’s what I have so far:

So, basically, I can import an image (bmp, gif, jpg, exif, png or tif), and generate out the delaunay triangulation for the hieghtmap of that image, and then spit out the visualisation of it in WPF.

Granted, it’s been 2 days, and it looks like it 🙂 All the triangles around the edges are supposed to be removed, and I’m not doing much interesting yet. But, it’s getting there!

Soon I will have decent meshes for my terrains that I can use in Modo…. Soon…. Muh ha HA HA!!! … Erm. Anyway…

Borrowed heavily from Morten Nielsen and the original and the best, Paul Bourke paper 🙂

If you happen to have 3dsmax, then you can use the displace mesh modifier, and change the technique to Delaunay. It’s pretty cool, although the UI for it in Max is a bit naff.

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