Shiny metal things

I’ve been attempting some character work for a while, but I’m not really ready to post any of that. My character currently looks like she got half way to uncanny valley, and ran face first into a tree 🙂

Anyway… I always end up back at the shiny metal things…
A few weeks back, I spent the better part of a weekend modeling some computer equipment.
In particular, I wanted to model a semi-plausible setup for terminal mountings:


Screen setup

Wolf Brand!

Mount Details

The keyboard keys are from stock assets included with Modo. I should have used monitors from those assets, too 🙂

Things I really should have added, but run out of patience:

Details to the monitor (particularly the back)
More wolves
Some sort of environment.

I’m not quite quick enough to pull off all those details in the time I gave myself, though 🙂

The base mesh for the stuff I made (keys exluded) is 6294 vertices, sub-d up to 8 million when rendering.

Pre-subd wireframes:


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