Double rainbow! (Spectrum lighting #3)

I put some more time this weekend into my C# tool for authoring data for a Spectrally Improved Renderer (yuck, that’s awful, I’m definitely calling it that from now on :)).
Speaking of naming, I’m temporarily calling the tool “Double rainbow right across the sky”.


Currently layers are just grabbed from the clipboard, and the idea is that you can then “paint” in the wavelengths in the spectrum bar below.

In the long term, rather than painting in the spectrum bar, you’d want to pick from pre-sets that would ideally come from a Spectroscopy camera, I suppose.

Fairly large “todo” list:

  • Put a shader on the image element that combines the masked spectrum for each layer, then converts to RGB.
    In other words, make it do the thing it was built for 🙂
    At the moment, it just shows the selected layer
  • Create a version of the above that converts the layers to rgb, then combines them, so I can toggle between them and see the error
  • Make some custom styles and templates for the buttons, they’re not great at the moment. I’m using placeholder images from, which is a really fantastic resource, btw 🙂

    I think that’s about it.

    If I’m not entirely sick of it before getting that done, I might take the assets and shader code over into Unity3D, and see what it looks like just for giggles.

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