Resonance cascade

After planning to learn Unreal in one of my earliest blogs, I’m finally getting to it (thanks to Epic, and their new pricing scheme)!

So far, all I’ve done is download a bunch of demos, and put some meshes into it.

All greyblock for now, I want all the stuff in before I unwrap things, and learn how to light stuff in the tech.

Here’s a UE4 WIP:


And some more up to date modelling details for the machine… Thingy… In the middle of the chamber (in Modo):


I think this will be an on-going project for a while, so I will probably update it once every couple of months on the blog, we’ll see 🙂

One thing for sure, after working on some of the mechanical elements… For the love of Modo and the high priests of tessellation, game engines need edge weighted sub-d!!
I am bevelling edges in my sleep, seeing countless UV sheets of thousands of small strips of polygons corrupting my lightmap layout, hindering my speed at redesigning my meshes, WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END!!

If I wasn’t having so much fun in Modo right now, I’d be tempted to change my export scripts just freeze sub-d models, and just deal with ridiculously dense models…
Anyhow, fun times, lots to do, much to learn. I’ll leave all the really fun stuff to last, I think 🙂

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