Not a leg to stand on

The standard 1st person template that comes with UE4 covers running, jumping and shooting, and exposes quite a lot to play with.
For the Half-Life chamber remake I’m doing, there won’t be any shooting, but I want to:

  • Climb a ladder
  • Press a button
  • Make Mr Freeman fall over
  • Since the walk / jump / idle animations all have a weapon attached to them, the first steps were to get the gun out of the 1st person model, and create some replacement animations.

    It was pretty easy to export the existing model/rig out to FBX, setup all the changes to the mesh and animations in Modo, and re-export them out as new assets, so I now have a somewhat decent starting point for getting new content in, huzzah!


    I’ve never really done any animation, except while studying at AIE, so be warned it’s all pretty rough at the moment 🙂

    I’ve created a Blueprint interface for Interaction Objects (buttons, etc) that can *mostly* be used in a generic way with the player character.
    I wanted a setup where the player Blueprint doesn’t need to know anything from the Interaction Object, except where they need to be positioned to start playing the interaction, *and* which animation the player needs to play (which I could later abstract as an Interaction Class, such as “Push button”, etc).

    I got a little stuck with this, since I wanted a single “Interaction” state in my Anim Graph state machine that could select from a list of Animations, but that doesn’t seem to be how it works.
    For a scene with 1 interaction, this was all a bit of overkill anyway… 🙂

    So here is my button press interaction, which can happen anywhere in front of the placeholder box thing you see. The player will lose control, be moved into position, and the animation will play:


    The start time for the machine is happening before the button press, and there’s a bit of a pop at the end of the sequence, which I think is due to the player being corrected onto the collision when the animation ends, but hopefully won’t be too hard to fix!

    After you press the button and go down stairs, the sample comes out of the ground. It’s rather boxy…


    The box is a physics object, which you can push into the centre of the room. Once that happens, you get teleported to Xen, with a beautiful view:


    So yeah, clearly still some work to be done 😛
    Still, all of the level design framework is in, so I’m a step closer to being able to pretty up the art!

    Previous updates for this project:

    Bevels and Blueprints
    Chamber update #2
    Resonance cascade

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