As a little side distraction, I started helping my wife out with an application for her photography business here in Toronto:

She has been using the Contact Sheet script in Photoshop.
Unfortunately, sometimes there seem to be gaps between the images, even when the Spacing parameters are set correctly.

Not a problem, I thought. I’ll jump into the javascript, and just make… 12 000 lines! Egads, kill it with fire!!!!

I have a general rule about programming at home these days that if I can’t open it / debug it immediately in Visual Studio(tm), and it’s more than a few pages of code, I take a long hard think about it.
And generally go play Civilization 5 instead…

Anyway… I decided to knock together something very simple in C# for Ange, and here it is:

Warning: May contain photos of myself displaying extreme business pose! 🙂

It doesn’t have even 1/10th the functionality of the Contact Sheet script, but it suits her purposes, and I can probably add anything she needs easy enough, so I’m pretty happy with this for the roughly 10 hours I’ve spent on it.

You can have whatever row/column layout you like, and you can randomise / move the images around, and save the contact sheet pages out to .tif files.

I’m generally not in the mood for working on this sort of thing when I’m at home, but this time around it was quite fun!

Next blog post, back to Unreal 🙂
(And maybe Substance Painter. I’ve been having fun with Substance Painter)…

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