Dead Space fan art: Necrotle


Right in time for Halloween, meet a Necrotle!
That’s a Dead Space Necromorph turtle, fyi.

I started on this guy about 5 years ago, while I was working at Visceral Games in Melbourne. I wasn’t on the Dead Space project(s), I just felt like doing some fan art, and decided to come up with the most silly idea for an animal Necromorph I could think of (a giraffe was also in the plans, at one point…) 🙂

As with many of my home projects, I got sick of it and shelved it for a while. Decided a few weeks ago to resurrect the little fella!
And now I’m sick of looking at it again, and I’m calling it done 😉

Started with a very basic sculpt in 3dcoat, then modeling, additional sculpting, texturing, rendering in Modo.

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