I’m a Senior Technical Artist at The Coalition, and have previously worked at Ubisoft Toronto, Visceral Games Melbourne and Transmission Games / IR Gurus.

Prior to my work in the games industry, I have had programming roles with Stepsoft, Software Integrators, and various other contract programming and IT roles.

This blog contains whatever I happen to be experimenting on in my spare time, code, art, etc!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    love your work

    I’m new to both modo and ue4

    what is the ideal workflow from modo801 to ue4?

    how do you bring in modo exported fbx into ue4?

    tried simple mesh no problem but beyond that with animation/textured things start to go out of hand

    appreciate any advise



    1. Hi, and thank you! 🙂

      There’s a few things I’ve found really useful.

      For a start, Modo doesn’t have a great way to handle hard and soft edges, so I use the Vertex Normal Toolkit from James O’Hare:


      Textured objects shouldn’t be an issue, but you might need to double check your settings in the FBX I/O in preferences, to make sure animation is exported.

      One thing I found useful to get started was to select the default blue man character asset in UE4, right click on it and export it to FBX and open it in Modo and look at how it is set up.
      You can do the same with animations and models.

      Most of the animation meshes I’ve worked with in UE4 are just objects that are parented in a hierarchy in Modo, but not skinned, and the animation is driven through Blueprints, so I don’t know a lot about characters, rigging and skinning, etc.

      The Foundry Community is amazing, and there’s lot of good people on it who can help you with specific questions, so it’s worth searching it and asking questions.

      Try looking here:


      And set the date range at the bottom to “The last year”.

      There’s also a thread here:


      Finally, there’s the “Unreal Engine 4 Developer’s Community” group on Facebook which can be a good place to ask people questions, although you might not get many answers on Modo specifically 🙂

      Good luck, and I hope you find the information you are looking for!!

  2. yupe, downloaded Vertex Normal Toolkit from James O’Hare
    sad to say xNormal and Handplane are all Win only
    looking at Tor Frick’s UDK Modular Masterclass


    look like i have a long road ahead of me

    many thanks for your expert advise

    1. Oh cool, that looks like a great series 🙂
      I think most things that relate to UDK are also appropriate for UE4, although there are some differences.

      Good luck with your learning, I’ll be sure to post any more I learn about Modo –> UE4 on the blog 🙂

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