Orange is the new “MetalWearDirtDentMaterialInstance_01_a”

Naming conventions, ha!
That’s the beauty of home projects, I can get away with it…

Annnnyway, just a quick update this time.
I finally got around to unwrapping the floor panels and rails in the scene. In doing so, I think I’ll need to do a fair bit more work on where the panels join the rails (rubber strips or something, maybe). Also, the outer panels are way too big, coming in at about 5 and a half Freemans, so I’ll need to break the up / re-design them.

Still, it’s given me the fun opportunity to take my dirt metal material, and re-use it on a few new material, so I now have some shiny rails and floor panels:

UE4 orange metal panels

UE4 orange metal panels

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